Dance on Toes in the Frosted Grass Patricia E. Smith


Published: September 16th 2013

Kindle Edition

109 pages


Dance on Toes in the Frosted Grass  by  Patricia E. Smith

Dance on Toes in the Frosted Grass by Patricia E. Smith
September 16th 2013 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 109 pages | ISBN: | 7.80 Mb

Have you ever wondered about the existence of realms other than the one we inhabit? If you have, look no further than the pages of this book for confirmation. It is a must read. The book documents extracts from a memory journal and offers an intriguing insight into spiritual journeying.

As a work of personal spiritual record it is revelatory and powerful. The writings are an honest and inspirational account of experiences with celestial and otherworldly energies.As well as encounters relating to the angelic, crystal keys, earth healing labyrinth, faerie, Native American, past lives, re-connection with the Ancestors, re-emergence of unicorns, and teachings of Ancients, there is also new and exclusive information about an extraordinary array of staffs gifted to the author by spirit.By opening your eyes and imagination just a fraction, you are invited to discover and observe life and living from a very different perspective.

You will quickly learn it really is possible to have a foot in both worlds and still function normally on the earthly plane. Experiencing such reality is liberating and empowering.When hearts and minds are opened the possibilities are limitless. If you are searching for fulfilment and a sense of oneness, and are tempted to find out what it is like to walk the spiritual highway, then immerse yourself in these thought-provoking extracts. See for yourself how easy it is to lay down your own footprints and find your truth.

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